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25 to 45 minutes

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five minutes have passed. Thirty, thirty five, forty, forty five minutes now. What have you been doing in that 25 or 45 minutes?

If you have 25 to 45 minutes spare time and are looking for something to productively spend it to, I am sharing some documentaries I watched when I was as bored as you are now that you clicked the link I shared and it led you to this deserted blog of mine.

I have arranged them according to where the story happened and have given a portion specifically for children as these innocent young ones truly require our attention. I hope you find that helpful.

I am warning you that after viewing these documentaries, you will never be the same again and you will see the world in a different way(fingers crossed).


Boko Haram: Behind the Rise of Nigeria’s Armed Group-probably one of the documentaries I watched which got me hashtagging #BringBackOurGirls

ISIL and the Taliban — This film got me questioning why people would involve innocent kids in terrorism.

Syria: The Last Assignment — This one was one of the most unforgettable films I have watched as it is close to my heart. The story that costs person’s life.

Gaza under Siege

Gaza: The Road to War

Gaza Under Fire: One Month On



For Love or Money

Rodrigo Duterte: The President’s Report Card


China’s Super Mums

China’s Left-Behind Generation

Hong Kong’s Localist Revolutionaries

Hong Kong through the eyes of rooftop rebels

Hong Kong: Aged and Abandoned

No Safe Haven: Chinese Dissidents Living in Fear

Food for thought


“The innocents suffer the most.”

Malaysia: Babies for Sale

India’s Miracle Babies

The Rise of India’s superbugs

PNG’s Bundles of Joy

Cambodia: Unlicensed to Heal

Vietnam’s War Babies

Solo mums

Japan’s throwaway children


South Korea: Kimchi Crazy

When I Die: Inside Japan’s Death Industry

License to kill

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My thoughts:

I realized that the world is more complicated than how I think it is. I live a normal life following routines, having enough meals in a day, having enough money to spend, having a home, clothing and everything that can make my life feel comfortable. I have a perfectly normal life with some challenges from time to time. This probably is why I see life as not complicated and have judged it to be otherwise after watching the documentaries. 

THERE IS A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD. Events I know existing but have only sunk in that they really do when I watched these documentaries.

My emotional and empathetic self has taken the best of me; I’d rather not share in words. I am too sensitive for all these videos and I am taking them seriously and with much sentiment now. The faces of the newborn, children, the cries of the mothers and fathers, the ruthlessness of the enemies are all preserved in my mind. I pray that I can do even just a small thing to reverse this inhumanness the world has become.  

How have these documentaries affected you? Please send me a private message or comment below so we can share our sentiments.


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